iPad Case Accessory Encountering Docking Stations

The Surrey museum, in Surrey BC, has an electric powered vehicle charging station that prices your electric powered car in about 30 minutes.

Surrey is the first metropolis in BC to have two fast charging stations, one on the surrey museum and one at Powertech – a subsidiary of BC Hydro. It amazes me that we are able to rate an electric automobile quicker than some cellular telephones. Just think, wherein we’d we be if “large oil” hadn’t suppressed the electrical automobile two decades ago?

Surrey additionally Solar requires fuel stations to offer an alternative gasoline carrier in all new gas stations being constructed. I’m not one for the authorities controlling the whole lot in our lives, but in terms of these big industries (Oil) I think there wishes to be a few sort of regulation for our protection. If it have been up to “big oil” we would be ingesting even greater then we do now.

There has been numerous communicate about sustainability lately; it’s excellent to peer a few motion. I attended the Langley Economic Forum final month and Key Note Speaker Don Burden (Director of Innovation and Inspiration, Wable and Livable Communities Institute) gave a remarkable speech on sustainability and community awareness. He mentioned neighbourhoods which are constructed round strolling and cycling, no longer bigger roads for vehicles. A Community wherein our youngsters can walk to school effectively and appropriately, and play within the park as opposed to setting their face in the front of a display.

I like this idea, it’s funny it form of rings a bell in my memory of my early life. Although in my day (Okay I am formally “vintage”) this wasn’t an revolutionary concept, it became simply “life”. We walked to high school, we played outside, we best watched one show on TV, we were given grimy, and we used our imagination. When did “being a child” get so complex? More motors, extra telephones, extra computers and greater TV’s are not as first-rate because the commercials declare.

Sorry I were given on a piece of a rant there.

It’s hard to miss the information approximately the insane storm that devastated the Philippines last week. I watched in horror as households and houses had been destroyed, and wonder if it can were one-of-a-kind. Our climate is changing before our very eyes; it is approximately time we change too.

Being hit with a 100 yr hurricane each yr isn’t a destiny I need for my grandchildren.

We need extra participation in alternative gasoline innovation. My flex gasoline automobile isn’t always cutting it. Our oil addiction is not slicing it.