How to Update Whois Information in SiteGround

If you want to update the WHOIS information for your domain name, you need to log in to your account. In most cases, you can update the contact information by clicking on the Edit WHOIS Information link in the lower-right corner. You can also update it manually by clicking on the Edit WHOIS Information button. Then, you must fill in the form and save it. After updating the WHOIS information, you need to make sure you have verified your account by logging into your account using the contact email address. You need to be careful when making any changes to the WHOIS information, as you can suspend your domain and disrupt any services tied to it.

The contact information for your domain must be updated at all times. This information is also known as Whois information and is used for notification purposes. You can update it in the same way as the registrant information or separately. However, it is better to update it separately. If you need to update the contact information for all your domains, you should select the registrant information and the contact details of your domains. Alternatively,his comment is here you can select all the contact details at once and then apply WHOIS privacy for your domains.

If you have recently changed your domain name’s registrant, you need to update your WHOIS information. The WHOIS database is a public directory that contains details on every domain registered on the internet. It shows the name of the registrant, the nameservers, and the registrar. When you register a domain, you must submit personal information to ICANN. Changing your WHOIS information can also affect your domain’s registration status.

After making changes to your WHOIS information, you can update it in the Domain Manager section of your SiteGround account. You can also edit the WHOIS information for a reseller in your SiteGround account. The new WHOIS information is published on your WHOIS. Changing your WHOIS information will help keep your website up to date, and ensure that it is protected from malicious sites. It is crucial to maintain the accuracy of your WHOIS information.